About Us


We are honored and humbled when a family let’s us know how we helped in their time of grief and loss of their loved one. We feel there is no higher ministry than when a family entrust us to care for their loved one. We would ask you to read the following letter sent to us by one of our families we have served

Our Philosophy

Death is an inevitable part of life and many of us are not prepared on how to handle it. Every day Neighbours Life Celebration Services makes a difference for grieving families by providing them with knowledge, comforting with compassion and giving a value through this difficult time.

Neighbours Life Celebration Services is committed to guiding the family through the many decisions and choices that are available. Neighbours Life Celebration Services' mission is to not only provide knowledge and guidance but to extend comfort and peace as you honor the life of your loved ones.

Qualities of Neighbours Life Celebration Services:

Experience. Neighbours Life Celebration Services has built their reputation on 35 years of friendship, compassion, respect and professionalism. We have our own personal experience, not the past of someone else's.

Attention to Detail. Neighbours Life Celebration Services  understands that each family and their wishes to best honor their loved ones are unique. We focus on each small detail that creates a unique tribute; whether that is a particular funeral procession route, a loving tribute by a professional singer, and/or a reception after the service. In addition to a personalized service; we also offer varied arrangements where your specific funeral director can meet with you to discuss your needs. 

Value Pricing. We urge each family to feel free to compare the services of Neighbours Life Celebration Services to other local companies. We are confident that you will not find anyone else with more experience, professionalism, commitment and/or value.

Pre-Arrangements are Transferable. Even if you have made pre-arrangements at another funeral service establishment, we will honor them. The beneficiary will likely be refunded a portion of their money back because of our value pricing. Contact us for more details.

Your Choice. Neighbours Life Celebration Services understand that a variety of locations should be made available for your choosing. Some prefer the serenity of their church home; while others prefer the comfort of their personal residence, a graveside service or another location that would be a meaningful tribute to their loved one. If you are uncertain of the location, Neighbours Life Celebration Services have pre-arrangements available in many different local areas.

Our Pledge

  We are funeral service professionals with a sincere desire to reward each family who has    placed their trust and confidence in us by being attentive to every detail, displaying the    highest level of courtesy and compassion and providing the greatest measure of respect for    your wishes.

 We pledge to be a professional resource for the benefit of the entire community and accept  this unique responsibility to honor the dignity of life, to aid the family in time of grief and to  encourage remembrance with each family within its own traditions, culture and financial  means.

 We believe that it's our job to provide extraordinary, personalized opportunities to help you  celebrate the life of your loved one. Our hope is that you find joy in the way you choose to  honor and remember that wonderful life.